Superior services made for you!

Our services are tailor-made and custom-built to deliver on all your expectations and exceed them regardless of the scale or complexity of your needs

Broadband Services

Direct connection is the key to a fast and responsive customer experience. Our Connectivity services ensure critical support for your business operations and customers. This is made possible by our deployment of world class telecommunications infrastructure which guarantees you reliable connections via multiple points of presence (POPs) across Nigeria.

Infrastructure Services

BCN’s infrastructure services provides reliable connectivity based solutions to customers in various geographical locations both locally and internationally.

Managed Security Services

BCN's Managed network security aims at protecting the usability and integrity of
your network and data. It includes both hardware and software technologies.
Our effective network security manages access to the network, it identifies a
variety of threats and prevents them from entering or spreading on your

Unified Communications

Our Unified communication tool enables businesses improve their processes and productivity. Services available are Voice Services, Triple-Play, sharing of features for group collaboration, secure instant messaging with ability to link external servers. Our solutions serve as enablers for successful business operations.