BCN's Internet Service is designed to provide your organization with secure and direct access to the Internet across the globe. Our platform offers direct access to multiple Tier 1 submarine cable systems and the network is directly peered with both local and leading global Internet Exchange points.

We provide Internet Access service which supports applications that require access to and from the Internet in real-time; enabling employees and external stakeholders to share information via reliable, fast and secure access to the global internet.

Our corporate internet package offers Internet connectivity that gives you dedicated connection to the internet; you can enjoy:
- Scalability (Incremental Bandwidth On-Demand)
- Affordability
- Flexible Billing Options
- International Capacity backed up with multiple tier-1 upstream providers for extreme availability
- Guaranteed bandwidth speeds from 1Mbps – 1Gbps
- World class support backed by guaranteed service level
- Easy monitoring and management with detailed service reports on customer portal