Data Centre

Our Tier-3 Data Centre is designed to enable your business improve operations and processes flow while reacting rapidly to changing operating conditions and responding to any threats and IT risks with confidence.

BCN's flexible and fully redundant infrastructure will enable you achieve your IT operational goals efficiently by switching from Capex to Opex in one go. You can also enjoy disaster recovery protection within our secure data centre environment giving you the satisfaction of knowing your data is secure at all times.

Cloud Hosting

Provision of virtual server space, platform and software to meet your business needs. Users can scale services to fit their needs, customize applications and access cloud services from anywhere with a reliable internet connection.

These are some of the products available under cloud hosting service; Web Hosting, Email Hosting, Disaster Recovery and Archiving


BCN provides co-location services within our data centre. We provide rack spaces to house your servers, offering you adequate power, cooling and security built on best practice.

Co-locating with BCN, you can rest easy as we manage your servers, keeping them online 24/7 while you focus on your operations.

Backup, Restore and Archiving

Enterprises need to be able to push old, legacy data to cold storage, regularly backup recent data and retrieve any required records fast.

Our backup/restore and archiving services provide all these features, and with help from our specialists, you can be assured that of deciding on a service that works.

Our Storage as a service offering is an efficient solution for offsite backup needs. You can lease required space on our professionally managed storage infrastructure, and be assured of always on, constant access to your data.

Data security is also assured as we have redundancies available. With this service, you have the benefits of more efficient pricing as you can choose what to pay for, deployments are rapid, highly scalable setup and efficient backups.